Cabinetry for Other Rooms in Your Home

When you decide to completely renovate your kitchen, you may start to have an itch to ditch older cabinets in other rooms of your home. When you realize the potential a new kitchen brings to your home investment and family life, you start to questions whether you should pull the trigger on replacing cabinets elsewhere. Here are a few tips to accomplishing other cabinetry options in your home:

The Bathrooms

Just like your kitchen, you and your family use your bathroom cabinets everyday. Some ways to tell if your bathroom cabinetry needs to be replaced are:

  1. Soft close hinges – Do your cabinets close harshly with a “bang”? This probably means that the cabinetry was either installed a long time ago or is low-quality. 
  2. Paint chipping – Maybe you’ve thought about repainting your cabinetry because the paint is chipping. But it will not be long until that paint also chips. The humidity from the shower/bathtub and all the wear and tear those cabinets receive daily will cause the paint to chip again.

Laundry Room

Loads and loads of laundry, every week. It will be the mundane task for the rest of your life. But it also can be made more fun if you have a space that is beautiful and organized. Having a system for your laundry will save you money on water, electricity and ultimately save you time.

The Office

You understand what it feels like to work from home since COVID. Having a space where you can free yourself from distractions, (and mind I say – a beautiful, peaceful space) will in turn help you to be more efficient. This efficiency allows more time for your family and personal life! Some of our recent clients have enjoyed their home office spaces:

“I absolutely love how we completed an office remodel – all hunter green. We worked with an interior designer and Autograph Kitchens to make this office feel warm and manly.”

Bar Area

Most of our clients will either have an additional area off of their kitchen for a bar space. However, we recently completed a job with a bar area in the basement of our client’s home. It is now the house on the block that everyone wants to be at. We designed the cabinetry in such a way that allowed for the island seating to invite conversations, storage for all the alcohol and tv set up for future game days. 

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Usually if the kitchen area is an open floor concept, it will look out into the family room. In some of our designs, we tie in the cabinetry from the kitchen and create bookcases and shelves in the great room. This creates an even more inviting area. From countertops, knobs and handles, fixtures and more – you can tie your family’s great room into the kitchen. This will ensure that the space is more inviting and warm.