Our Process

How we design & execute high-caliber kitchens and deliver a phenomenal client experience every time.

Our easy 3 Phase
Design process

“The Autograph Way”

Our team at Autograph Kitchens has created and streamlined a process for every project we work on. We do this to consistently execute high-caliber cabinetry projects and deliver a phenomenal client experience each and every time. Our process removes the anxiety from your kitchen remodel project.

It’s Custom Kitchens Made Simple.

dream kitchen custom cabinetry
dream kitchen custom cabinetry
dream kitchen custom cabinetry

+ Discovery Call

This free call will help you determine an estimated budget for your project. We will have a chance to get to know you, get oriented to your project, and ensure that we’re a good fit for each other. In this call we will review your project, answer any questions, and discuss what it’s like to work with us. If you are comfortable and excited about what we discuss together for your dream kitchen, we will move forward with an in-home consultation.

+ In-Home Consultation & Measure

We spend 60-90 minutes with you discussing space-planning, layout, flow, alternative designs, obstacles, and anything else you want to discuss. After our visit, we will begin working on a design for your space. 

+ Studio Visit & Design Presentation

We love having our clients visit our beautiful design studio in Cornelius, NC. In the studio, you can touch and feel all of our products and begin selecting the perfect combination for your home. In this first studio appointment, we will present your new kitchen to you in high quality 3D renderings so you can visualize your transformed space. Clients love this appointment, where our vision starts to be come a reality.


+ Design Retainer

After the initial design presentation, we will ask for a commitment from you to move forward in the design process. Since the design process requires many hours of revisions, meetings, selections, communication, and more, we want to know that you are invested in doing the project with us. This retainer is $1,500, and is applied directly toward the products you purchase.

Design Revisions & Selections

This is where the fun begins! In this in-studio meeting, we begin curating countertops, hardware, fixtures and other products that complement your project.  

+ Construction Feasibility Study

Once the revisions are completed, we will need to get our contractor involved to ensure that what we’ve designed is both achievable and within budget. We will relay these findings to you and make any necessary revisions based on this feedback from the Trades.

+ Design Details

We’re getting closer and closer every day to your beautiful new space. But, we need to layer in some of the details we haven’t yet nailed down.  This may involve appliance shopping, viewing countertop slabs, visiting a local plumbing showroom and more. Then, we meet in the studio for another presentation of your project, reviewing the decisions we’ve made so far and adding in decorative hardware, lighting, backsplash, furniture, and window treatments. Any changes that need to be made to existing choices will be made within 1 week of this meeting and then the design will be revised one last time.

+ Final Design Presentation

Once the design development is complete, we will meet to review the design and products in detail. At this point, only minor adjustments will need to be made. Then, we will sign a Purchase Agreement, receive your deposit, and order all the materials for your kitchen.

Within 1 week, we will deliver the final project specification to you and your contractor for your project. If you don’t have a contractor, no need to worry – we can take care of that for you!

It’s one thing to design and plan a beautiful kitchen, it’s another thing altogether to ensure that kitchen is executed to perfection in your home. We walk you through the kitchen execution phase step-by-step.

+ “Page-Turn” Meeting with Contractor

To ensure all trades are on the same page from the very start, we begin the Execute phase with a walkthrough with the General Contractor’s team. This aligns the team, clarifies any questions, and sets the stage for a successful project.

+ Post Rough-in Measurement Verification

After demo and rough-ins, we make a site visit to check the placement of framing, plumbing, electric according to our plan. Next, we verify all measurements in the field and adjust for any unforeseen changes.

+ Delivery of All Products

It’s an exciting day when all your cabinetry and fixtures arrive on site! We will give you ample notice of the delivery date, and will collect the balance payment for product approximately 1 week prior to delivery.

+ Installation of Cabinetry & Hardware

Our team of cabinet fitters will arrive on site soon after delivery to install your cabinetry and hardware. Your designer or project manager will be also make site visits to oversee the proper installation according to the plan.

+ Template for Countertop

As soon as we have an install date for your cabinetry, we will schedule your countertop template. On complex jobs, we make a site visit during the template to discuss the details with our countertop partner.

+ Installation of Countertop

Soon, our countertop partner will arrive back on site with your beautiful countertops. Our team will be on site to coordinate and oversee the install of this critical aspect of your project.

+ Installation of Backsplash

If we’ve chosen backsplash material together, we will provide the tile installer with a drawing of the tile installation detail. We will check on this progress as the tile goes in.

+ Installation of Appliances, Plumbing & Light Fixtures

Necessary details for the appliances, plumbing and light fixtures will be given to the trade professionals for proper install. Once these have been installed, we will conduct a site visit to ensure a perfect fit and operation.

+ Final Walkthrough

After all the products are installed, we walk through the kitchen with you to make sure you are oriented to your new space and all the details have been taken care of.

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Autograph Kitchens is making Custom Kitchens Simple for you. We can help you step-by-step through your remodel by taking anxiety out of the equation!  Please contact us for your free consultation now!

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Feel free to explore what we have to offer when you hire us to do your kitchen design. Autograph Kitchens has custom cabinetry, countertops, flooring, tile, hardware, and other products that will bring your new kitchen to life. The actual selection of the right combination of products is where the planning and designing stages move into the reality of your new kitchen and how well it will serve your needs.

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We’ve all heard the saying, “the proof is in the pudding.” The gallery of work we’ve already done for homeowners throughout the Charlotte and Lake Norman area is where you’ll get to see why families are now flourishing in their homes. While looking over the kitchens we have transformed, you might also gain ideas and inspiration for what you want to incorporate in your kitchen remodeling project. Click on our before and after pictures and be inspired!

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