How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer In Your Kitchen

How To Make Fresh Flowers Last Longer In Your Kitchen

There is nothing like having fresh flowers in your kitchen. It brings in new colors, happiness and life. Here are some quick tips to keep your flowers fresh:

Make sure your container is free from bacteria – Make sure whatever vase or container you will be using to put your fresh flowers in is washed and dried. Any contamination of bacteria in your container will kill your flowers quickly. Take the time to make sure your container is properly prepared for your beautiful bouquet!

Remove any leaves that sit below the waterline – Any leaves below the waterline will not flourish. So when you place your flowers in the vase, see what leaves are falling below the water, pull the flowers back out and cut where necessary. Each flower bud and leaf should be above water for optimal survival rate.

Make fresh, diagonal cut at bottom of stems – When you receive your flowers, you should cut them stems with a sturdy pair of scissors/gardening snips. Cutting the stems diagonally will insure that your flowers will last longer. 

Add tsp chlorine bleach, tsp sugar and tsp lemon juice to a vase of water instead of a commercial flower preservative – The flower preservatives are always helpful and easy. But, if you would like to keep your flowers around longer simply try this mixture. It will not disappoint and you will never go back to using that standard package of flower preservatives. This natural concoction will help your flowers survive naturally and not artificially. 

Avoid direct sunlight or radiators – I remember when my husband got me fresh flowers around Thanksgiving. It was our first Thanksgiving in our new home and we were about to host our first Thanksgiving dinner with our family. I placed the autumn bouquet on the island, which added so many beautiful fall colors to our kitchen space. However, our heat vent was directly over our island! The next morning, my brand new flowers were completely dead!! Take it from me, avoid radiators, heat vents or direct sunlight when it comes to keeping your fresh flowers alive. Flowers bring so much joy and health into our kitchen spaces. Keeping them away from heat sources will help them thrive within our households.