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At Autograph Kitchens, we are very particular about who we partner with when bringing you high-quality kitchen products. These products are what bring all of our designs to life. They combine beauty and functionality and offer the variety needed to give you a custom kitchen that is uniquely yours. Some products, such as cabinetry, we also provide for other rooms in your home. We offer our clients:

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Certain products are necessary for any kitchen design checklist. Good cabinetry would probably top any such list, but you also need countertops, flooring, tile, lighting, hardware, and other items. Feel free to look at our offerings below in each of these categories to feel confident about the quality options we offer.

dream kitchen custom cabinetry


Cabinets are a critical part of any kitchen. In most designs, they will also be the most dominant feature and take up the most room. They offer you and your family needed storage space, and when done right, they also accentuate the overall appearance of a beautiful kitchen. Beyond your kitchen, we can also provide cabinets for bathrooms, laundry rooms, mudrooms, entertainment spaces, and libraries. Please have a look below to see the excellent brands we bring to your remodeling project.

Curious about cabinetry costs?
This guide will give you a clear understanding of the cabinet manufacturers that will fit closely with your kitchen budget.

dream kitchen custom cabinetry


The countertops are probably what most people will notice in a kitchen right after the cabinets. These represent your workspace in this vital room when preparing meals and eating if your kitchen has an island with seating. Two crucial considerations with countertops are the needed surface area and what material they are made of. Our designers will give your kitchen just the right amount of counter space after determining your goals for a new kitchen. We also have them available in many materials, including marble, quartzite, granite, limestone, travertine, and soapstone.

dream bathrooom custom cabinetry


Hardware can be thought of as the “jewelry” of your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Autograph Kitchens offers you a curated selection of hardware from top suppliers in their industry. If nothing we offer sufficiently matches your particular design needs, we can work with you to source ones that will work perfectly. The right mix of drawer pulls and cabinet knobs can add just the proper accent to any of these storage solutions in your kitchen.

custom cabinetry bathroom

Flooring & Tile

No design is complete without taking the flooring into account. At Autograph Kitchens, we are big fans of wood flooring. Wood adds a natural, warm feel to any room. It’s also perfect if you have wood flooring in other rooms of your home. We have partnered with Riva Floors because they have always offered outstanding quality at reasonable prices. Their offerings are made of oak wood and manufactured in Spain. If you prefer tile flooring, we work with Emser Tile. They have several tile designs and colors from which to choose.

close up image of lighting

Lighting & Window Coverings​

Lighting is essential for practical reasons, but the design of lighting fixtures should not be overlooked. The color and style of lighting fixtures should blend in with the room, which should give it a boost in appearance. Beyond lighting, you also need to decide what type of window covering you’d like. We can help you choose between wood, vinyl, or aluminum blinds, or a different kind of covering. For your lighting and window covering needs, our team has the experience to make ideal recommendations and the suppliers that make them high-quality and affordable.

dream kitchen custom cabinetry
kitchen sink


All of the products above are the major ones that need to be considered part of an overall kitchen design. That said, there are still some other items that can affect your kitchen’s appearance and functionality. These include faucets, sinks, appliances, backsplashes, and any other items not separately mentioned above. There’s also the paint color you want to use and how it will blend with the cabinetry, flooring, and countertops. We have some exceptional suppliers and recommendations for all of the accessories that complete a design.