Good, Better, Best Method

We’re constantly trying to improve our client experience, making it simple and smooth for clients to work with us to achieve the kitchen of their dreams.

One of the ways we’ve done that is to use the “Good, Better, Best Method” in presenting options to our clients. Research and experience have shown that clients get overwhelmed with too many options. So, we’ve adjusted the way that we sell to accommodate what’s best for you.

Here’s how it works: As soon as we meet you, we’re going to begin a conversation about your family, home, and needs. Based on this conversation, we will determine your investment level, style, and needs, and wants. That will help us where to start your “good, better, best” matrix.

Then, we will give you three price points where you can achieve this kitchen – a good, better, and best option. The reality is, you can do the same kitchen for $50,000, $75,000, or $100,000, depending on what design and quality of products you select. So, we want to show you all these options and allow you to choose. 

The point is to put you in control of your budget, enabling you to “dial” up or down the cost of your project.

And you don’t have to select the “Best” of everything. You can choose the “Best” countertops, “Better” cabinetry, “Good” flooring, etc. This allows you to control your budgeting and spending.

We do this up-front before we even design your kitchen, which allows you to feel comfortable moving forward with us! Once the conversation of cost is out of the way, we can work as a team to design the perfect space for you! 

Here are the benefits to you: We’ve made this process simple and transparent for you! Before committing to work with us, you get an education on quality and options, and you have a very accurate idea of what your project will cost. In a matter of an hour or so, you can determine your investment level and decide to move forward.

Here are the benefits for us: You help us build and agree to a budget range interactively, helping you to own the investment level. This way, we don’t come back with a price that is way too high, or way too low. We can design freely within the confines that we’ve agreed upon. We’re a team! It expedites the process, sets clear expectations, and makes the process smooth for both parties.