Healthy Eating, Healthy Living…It All Begins In The Kitchen

We’ve been on a journey of discovery of health over the past 18 months. A journey toward emotional health, physical health, spiritual health, and familial health. 

Honestly, it’s been the best thing we could have done for our family. But, frankly, at times it sucked! It’s excruciating to discover all sorts of things about yourself that you wish weren’t reality. In fact, it’s easier to simply ignore them, which is why many of us never actually grow and change as humans.

Here’s one of the most important things I’ve learned along the way: we are whole, integrated persons. You can’t separate the emotional from the physical from the spiritual from the familial. Every part of us is affected by and affects all the other parts. 

So, what began as a journey of emotional health for us morphed into a life-altering journey of complete health! 

Along the journey, we realized that so much of our overall health begins with gut health! We were as guilty as anyone of eating what was “easy”: making dinner with processed foods, feeding our girls mac and cheese, oh, and absolutely addicted to everything sugar! We decided it was time to make some changes. 

And those changes forced us to spend much more time in…you guessed it, our kitchen!

Because gut health, and really overall health, begins in the kitchen!

Now, we don’t pretend that we’re going to convince you to eat “clean” in a short blog post, but we simply want to state the obvious but overlooked fact about healthy eating. It’s nearly impossible to eat healthy without cooking regularly in your kitchen. Eating out is not only more expensive, but it also makes it more difficult to make good choices! 

Here are some unintended consequences we think you’ll discover: 

Cooking is actually quite enjoyable! The more you cook, the more you enjoy cooking.

Eating healthier actually enhances family life! More dinners at home. More time together. Healthier bodies, healthier kids, healthier marriages, healthier relationships.

Wholesome foods actually taste great!

Your energy levels will go up. Your work performance will increase. Your skin will clear. The weight will come off. Your anxiety levels might even lower!

Convinced yet? Well, maybe just take baby steps! And start in the kitchen. Cook with a few more organic veggies each week. Remove something unhealthy that you eat consistently. Little changes lead to bigger ones eventually.

We’re passionate about this because we believe our health is determined, in large part, by what we eat. 

And we are really passionate about flourishing as a family! 

And we’re on a mission to help other families – like yours – flourish at home! 

It’s so fun for us because it fits so perfectly with what we do as a business. We help you design the most crucial space for flourishing as a healthy human in a healthy family – the kitchen! 

But more than anything, be healthy! Become the best, most healthy, most vibrant version of yourself! You deserve it. Your family deserves it. We want it for you!