How A Kitchen Workstation Can Change Your Family Meal Prep

A kitchen what? A kitchen Workstation! What is a kitchen workstation, you ask? In our opinion, it just might be the most exciting kitchen tool for families who love to cook together. At first glance, a kitchen workstation appears to simply be a very large sink. But don’t let this first impression fool you! A workstation is so much more than a sink.

Here’s what it is:

A workstation is a central hub where every task in your kitchen can be accomplished! A “super-functional, smart and stylish (area) where one can prep, cook, serve, entertain, and clean-up, all in one convenient place.” (Scott Anderson, CEO, The Galley). 

It’s a 4-foot to 7-foot wide under mount stainless sink designed with multiple levels and multiple faucets, including tools that slide and turn across the surface to make prepping, serving, and cooking a pure delight! 

A workstation not only simplifies preparation, cooking, cleanup, and serving, it allows 2 or even 3 cooks to work simultaneously side-by-side. Your spouse, significant other, or kids can easily help you prep without getting in the way!

Here’s how it will change your life:

Imagine this…you’re entertaining friends tonight and cooking dinner for your guests. These friends have an 8-year-old daughter just like you, and you met through dance class in town. Your daughter wants to help with dinner because, after all, this is her friend!  On the menu…PIZZA with a tossed salad. The afternoon begins with you grabbing a stool for your daughter to stand on to reach the height of the workstation. You stand beside her as she begins to make the dough in a bowl, which is set inside your sink on a sliding platform, while you cut up the meat that will be placed on the pizzas. You spread the dough out on the cutting board, which you have moved onto the top tier of the workstation over your bowl. As your daughter spreads the cheese and toppings onto the dough, you cut and mix the greens and topping for the salad together in the other inset bowl in your workstation.Then, you cover the salad with the cutting board and move the pizzas into the oven! 

Notice, this is the first time you’ve moved from your workstation! 

After washing your hands and your tools, you set them on the bottom grate to dry. Then, you both leave to clean-up and get ready for the evening. In the meantime, your husband begins to prep drinks. He fills the inset bowl to chill a bottle of wine, while cutting up limes to go with the beer choice for the night. He leaves all the items out on the secondary cutting board for easy serving. He slides this on the top tier to the far right side of the workstation. He uncovers the salad and slides it adjacent to the drink station. 

When dinner time occurs, you simply cut the pizzas on the cutting baord, place the slices back onto the workstation surface with your half sheet pan, and form a buffet line to eat your dinner!

The entire night, from prep to serving to washing, you never even touch the surface of your countertop! Absolutely amazing!

Here’s the best one on the market:

There are several workstations on the market (and more and more each day), but none compare to The Galley Workstation ( This is not a sales pitch, it’s simply the truth. As the inventors of the workstation, The Galley is at the forefront of design aesthetic, accessories, and innovation, not to mention their quality is unsurpassed.

The Galley is to sinks what Tesla is to automobiles. DoesTesla make cars? Well, yes they do. But, it would be a travesty to describe Tesla as simply a “car.” It’s an all-electric, luxury, sports car that drives itself. Nobody else can claim that! And are there other manufacturers who are now copying Tesla, at least many of its features? Yes, of course. But, Tesla remain the most desirable, most innovative, and the highest-quality product on the market..

The Galley is the similar! It’s a travesty to call The Galley a “sink”. As we said above, it’s a “super-functional, smart and stylish (area) where one can prep, cook, serve, entertain, and clean-up, all in one convenient place.” (Scott Anderson, CEO, The Galley).  And are others copying their innovation? Of course! But The Galley remains the most desirable, most innovative, and the highest quality product on the market!

Here’s why we love it:

We absolutely LOVE The Galley for so many reasons! At Autograph Kitchens, we talk endlessly about family flourishing. We want our family to flourish, and we intentionally make decisions based on that desire! And we are in business to make your home beautiful, functional, and to enable your family to flourish too! And part of that mission is to find excellent, innovation, and even life-transforming products to bring to our clients to enhance their lives.

So, here’s a product that is unmatched in quality, innovative, and designed to bring people together!

The Galley is honestly a Lifestyle. It’s a lifestyle of health, of cooking, of functionality, of togetherness, of family! We’re all about all of those things!


If you’re looking for a product that will transform the way you prepare, cook, cleanup, and entertain in your home, The Galley Workstation is absolutely phenomenal! We’re so excited about this partnership that allows us to offer our clients a product that aligns perfectly with our mission – To help familes flourish in their homes!