HFS Financing

How can I afford my dream kitchen? We’ve asked this question ourselves, and you’re probably asking this exact question if you’re considering a new kitchen. You see, here’s the rub. A new kitchen is something (for most people) you do once or twice in a lifetime, so you want to do it right! But often, we are faced with sacrificing some of what we want in our kitchen or figuring out a way to increase our budget for our project. 

Here are some of the ways our clients access money to complete their dream kitchen. First, many people save up the money over several years and pay for their new kitchen from those funds. Others refinance, get a home equity loan, or a home equity line of credit that helps them make this investment in their home. Still, others utilize credit cards with no or low interest for months.

We can’t make financial decisions for you. Still, we want to give you all the options available to achieve your dream kitchen for your family within your current financial situation and consider your financial goals.

Here’s our solution for you!

Our clients wanted an additional solution to finance their kitchen projects, so we partnered with HFS Financing. They are a leading financial services company specializing in financing solutions for construction and pool loans.

How it works

We send you to a specific page on the HFS website, where you will fill out a short form. Within a few minutes, they will pre-qualify you for a loan amount. If you decide to move forward, we send them a summary of the construction services you’re purchasing, you provide them with a bit more information, and then they send the funds directly to you!

Here’s how this benefits you

  • There is no collateral on the loan; you need decent credit and income. 
  • The money goes straight to YOU, and then you pay your other contractors and us.
  • You can use the money to pay for cabinets, your contractor, or wherever you choose to invest the funds in your project. They do not require validation, completed pictures, or any other items we consider “red tape.”
  • You get approved and funded FAST!
  • You can afford the kitchen of your dreams NOW and pay for it over time at a very competitive rate.

Financing is not for everyone, but it is available to you if you want to use it.